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P.O. Box 632252
Highlands Ranch, CO 80163

AWI Enterprises

Customer Care Techniques 

  Provide world class customer service.
  Use superior customer care techniques to respond to customer inquiries.
  Answer the phone and greet the customer in a professional manner.
  Give delight to customer.
  Actively listen.
  Build rapport and empathy.
  Be competent.
  Knowledgeable and efficient.
  Honest and Trustworthy.
  First Call Resolution.
  Take ownership on every call.

What can you contribute and share with us to make us grow? Come and Join us.

Our Clients include:
*Emergency Roadside Assistance Company
*Department Stores
*Computer Companies
*Home Improvement Companies
*Cellphone and Telecommunication Companies
*Pharmacy Chains
*Travel Companies 
*Cruise Lines
*Major Resort Companies
*Magazine Company
*Time Share Company
*Pest Control Companies
*Office Supply Chains
*Tax Preparation Companies

EIN No. 453338869
CORP ID: 42019
 Our success lies in YOU!
 "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
            - Confucius
Other benefits :

* Being your own boss

*Working from home: no commute, no suit, NO BOSS! 

* Flexible schedule: you set your own hours and build your own schedule!

*Unlimited earnings potential
There are also many incentives for top performing agents and bonuses being offered on a regular basis.

*Selecting the brands you want your business to service: including premier online retailers, popular cruise lines and many other Fortune 500 companies! 

*Performance bonus and incentive programs: including year-round referral programs!
You will be taking Inbound Customer Service Calls directed to your home telephone line, NO Windows Vista and Windows 8 Operating Systems they are not compatible with our client systems currently.

If you wish to apply please e-mail  your resume to marketing@awienterprises.net
"Working with Arise and AWI Enterprises is a rewarding experience. Where else can you set your own hours and work from home, and serve the needs of customers from some of the best, well-known companies? I've had the joy every time I service my client to know that I've helped someone. This is the greatest satisfaction!"
  - Rev. D. Kozak ( CA)

"I began working with AWI ENTERPRISE in September of 2013. I've worked with ARISE from before under another IBO about a year ago and wanted to find a great IBO that will do right by their workers as the one I was with from before. I have to say that with AWI, you're not only working for a great IBO, it's feels like you're a part of a family, and Alma is our mom. She's so nurturing and very caring with her employees and wants to make sure that all of our questions are answered and our issues are taken care of. I could've asked to work for a better IBO than for AWI ENTERPRISE. Alma, you're truly awesome and a wonderful President to work under. Thank you :-). "
  Deneatha McGeachy
  Stone Mountain GA

Here is my testimonial:

I found AWI Enterprise in a very unexpected way. I have given up on finding a real legit work-at-home career. Been burned and scarred by all those scams. I will be lying if say that I wasnt worried about Arise in the beginning as well. But Alma, the CEO of AWI Enterprise (a premier IBO) was so helpful on every step. She created this family where everyone wants to help each other succeed and I am very lucky that I am now a part of that family.

The whole management team makes sure that you know what you're doing. They help you understand anything that your confused about. They have support almost 24/7. You can reach them through phone, text, e-mail or through the meetings. The help is always there. 

So KUDOS to our AWI Enterprise Family and we'll see you guys on the top!

L. Gatila